New Patient Forms

Welcome To Our New Patient Forms Section

These are inline forms which simply means each question will follow one after the other.  The forms are not very pretty, but it is easier for some people to read and follow line by line down the page.  Please fill in an answer to each question.  If the answer does not apply to you, simply type in n/a or not applicable.

When you are finished with each form, click on the submit button and your form will be received by the office and the doctor will be prepared when you arrive.

Thank you in advance for being thorough and helping us help you.  We look forward to seeing in the office.

Sykes Chiropractic Life Center - New Patient Form #1

Please fill this form out to the best of your ability, and please make sure your contact information is accurate.
    Choose All That Apply
  • Name of Referring Physician (If none, write n/a)

This Form is What Dr. Sykes Calls, “The Chief Complaint Form”

List your complaints in the order of severity.  Fill out only the portion of the form that applies to you.  Thank you.

The Chief Complaints Form - Form #2

Please list in the order of severity your symptoms. Use only the space you need.


Form #3 – History on Your Current Symptoms and Complaint

This is a short form which may give us more insight on your current symptoms.  We know these forms seem tedious, but they are really an important part of Dr. Sykes’ initial examination when you are in the office.  Thank you again, for help us, help you.

History of Your Current Complaint - Form #3

This form may tell even more about your current complaint and give us more insight into any effects of your past history on this complaint.

General Health Review – Form #4

This form is brief and will provide Dr. Sykes with an understanding of your overall health and family health history.  Thank you for your patience.

Health Review - Form #4

This is the history of your health in general and not necessarily related to your current symptoms.

Financial and Insurance Information – Form #5

We accept most major health insurance carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid.  This form will cover the necessary financial arrangements of your visit.  You will be asked to take care of this final form when you come into the office.  In addition, payment for services rendered will be expected unless other arrangements are made at the time of your visit.