Ear Infections In Children

Chiropractic Treatments For Chronic Ear Infections In Children

Ear Infections in children are treated gently and effectively using the Activator Method of Chiropractic care.

Ear Infection - Gentle Activator Method

In January of 2005, a magazine entitled, “Up & Coming” published an article about a young girl named May Beth.  May Beth was 13 months and had suffered chronic ear infections virtually all of her life.  May Beth’s story is told by her father.

According to him, she had 11 bouts with an ear infection by the time she was 13 months old.  Her doctors treated her each time with antibiotics, and each time the infection would retreat.  Each time May Beth’s ear infection would return again.

Finally, her doctors prescribed the antibiotics as a preventative measure to keep the infections at bay.  This worried her parents, and her father feared the long term affects of the constant antibiotics could be harmful to May Beth.  Ultimately, he became so concerned for her that they sought a surgeon who would perform the surgery during which the child’s ears have tubes for draining put into the eustachian tubes which lead to the throat.

Her dad recounts his feelings of despair as he watched his little girl wheeled off to surgery in a little red wagon in the hospital.  You can imagine how he must have felt when even the surgery failed to keep her ears from become infected and within two months she was back on the antibiotics.  The doctors suggested she have a second surgery on her ears.   He was beside himself.

As fate would have it, May Beth’s dad had begun Chiropractic School and had heard of children with chronic ear infections who had been successfully treated for chronic ear infections by Chiropractic physicians.  He sought out a family practice Chiropractor and took May Beth to him.

The outcome of her treatments was wonderful.  Her father said following her Chiropractic care she had only had one ear infection which lasted less than two days and she overcame it without taking antibiotics.  At the time of this writing, she is happy, healthy, and as her dad puts it, “talking up a storm”.

He went on to say, “Chiropractic adjustment may resolve ear infections in children with the need for surgery.  Our bodies – young and old – are wonderfully made to take care of many of the problems we encounter.  A correct alignment of the spine maximizes the body’s potential to take care of itself.”



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