Chiropractor In Port St Lucie On Possible Blood Pressure Breakthrough

Results Look Promising High Blood Pressure Can Be Lowered With Neck Adjustments


Is Blood Pressure Treatment Possible Without Prescription Drugs?

Chiropractic Treatment for High Blood Pressure proves successful in limited studies so NIH is now doing larger studies as this treatment by chiropractic methods appears effective.

High Blood Pressure Breakthrough?

A large study is underway at NIH, the National Institute of Health, to verify the very dramatic results smaller studies have been showing.  Two television networks have been captured reporting recently about this exciting news.

See for yourself by clicking on these videos.  This news may astound you, but to the Chiropractic community this is simply validation of the basic theories behind Chiropractic which are that the body’s general health and well being are dependent upon the nervous system’s ability to communicate with the body and its organs.  Of course, that communication must go through the spinal column which underscores the reason for adjustments to keep the spine in place.

High Blood Pressure Breakthrough News Clip Below:

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