Chiropractor in Port St Lucie Is Dr. Raymond M. Sykes

A chiropractor in Port St Lucie and Fort Pierce since 1985, Dr. Raymond M. Sykes obtained his undergraduate degree in 1971 at St. Mary’s College prior to earning his

Chiropractor in Port St Lucie, Dr. Raymond Sykes, Graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic/University Programs

Dr. Raymond Sykes, D.C. - Alma Mater

doctorate degree in 1974 from Logan College of Chiropractic/University Programs.  Dr. Sykes is a nationally Board Certified Chiropractic physician and is licensed to practice in the states of Michigan, and Florida.  He is a firm believer in continuing education and professional advancement having 640 hours of post graduate work in several areas.

Highlights of those include Quantum reconstruction maneuvers and coefficients of structural instability, Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, Congenital and Developmental Spinal Biomechanics, certification MRI, Chiropractic Rehabilitation, the diagnosis and clinical management of cervical acceleration/deceleration trauma and whiplash related disorders, certification in X-ray Technique, and is a former Clinical Instructor of the Activator Method with a rating of Advanced Proficiency Activator Physician.

Additionally, he is certified at the Platinum Grade for his competency with the scanners required to evaluate the need for the world famous orthotics from Foot Levelers. “A stable back depends upon a stable foundation,” says Sykes. The State of Florida has certified him

Chiropractor in Port St Lucie, Dr. Raymond Sykes

Dr. Raymond M. Sykes, Board Certified

in the rating of Permanent Impairment for Disability and Evaluation for workers compensation.

Dr. Sykes is active within his profession and feels honored to have been included in national research groups.

  • Charter member National Institute of Chiropractic Research¬† American Academy of Clinical Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Sykes loves being here in “paradise”, as he puts it, and plans to be a chiropractor in Port St Lucie and Fort Pierce for a very long time.